By | June 25, 2018

Consider this;

Refusing to serve a law abiding person a meal at your eating establishment because you disagree with their political views is wrong.  And taunting those whose ideas are different than your own, is Unamerican.  Neither shows respect, diminishes your own standing, and is no better than the behaviors you condemn.

Mr. Trump has brought back tactics from the past and uses them with ease, to hide the truth from us; and it appears to be working.  I never thought I would see this in our great country, it scares me, and it should scare you.

Two tactics are relevant here.

  1. Conflating the numbers. Our Chief Executive uses 1 to represent 100,000 and 10 to represent 1,000,000.  Most of us recognize that numbers matter, and do tell a story.  The expulsion of one person, in this case Sarah Huckabee- Sanders, who was peacefully attempting to dine, will be made to appear as if everybody is always doing it, all the time.  If you can find one person to prove your point in today’s society, that is all you need.  This includes our President, and possibly the majority of his followers.  If you want to make a public statement, then make your place of business open to everyone, and make it a place where truth emanates.  This is the position of power, a double win.  You can get your desired consequences in a better way, and still be civil.  Try it.
  2. Hypocrisy.  I am sure you have noticed that the President’s demeaning behavior when turned back on him is met with derogatory, insulting, and divisive behavior.  In fact, our President uses the word “unfair” in these cases, has always struck me as particularly hypocritic, especially when you consider how unfair he behaves to every one else.

We must unite and raise ourselves above the fracas.  Another way to say it is, “don’t roll around in the mud”.  My wife taught me this when I was 35 years old, and it served me very well.  If you believe so strongly in your convictions then mobilize people to vote.  That is the American way.

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