Relinquish Political Party

By | June 25, 2018

I have decided, at the age of 62, to relinquish my affiliation as a life- long moderate Democrat.  When people ask I will tell them that I am an American, and add if necessary, a former Democrat.  When it comes time to vote, I will get there at my usual 6:00 am, and if asked, report that I am an Independent, and add if necessary, a skeptic, who requires only my own beliefs. And thank them.  I might say in these difficult times, I am against labels that are divisive, and am proud to be an American because of the principals our country stands for, and consider myself most fortunate to live in the “United” States of America.  I believe in inclusivity, and that everyone has a voice of their own. Solutions are achieved by truly understanding the fundamental beliefs, and opinions of all individuals.  I, like many, am looking for a strong, benevolent leader who is able to unite us through our strong American values.  I do not expect any of these questions to be asked, but I will be thinking of them and others while standing in line.  I will then go and vote.

Ironically, ten to fifteen years ago, the electoral system of Connecticut, without my input, switched my affiliation to “Independent”.  I should have listened to them then.

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