Immigration is a Sign of Systemic Problems

By | June 26, 2018

The recent influx of families from Central America attempting asylum in our country, including young children and babies, is a “sign” not of poverty, but apparently of the carnage inflicted on them by the “Drug Cartels”, the “Drug Lords” of their countries.  Apparently, these “thugs” behave in much the same way as ISIS in Iraq, Iran & Syria.  These violent hardened criminals produce and distribute most of the opium that passes through the border into the United States.  Not only do they kill and plunder their own people, resulting in the exodus of innocent vulnerable families from their countries, but also indirectly contribute to the addiction and death of vulnerable individuals in our country.

This places the Drug Cartel as the central problem by its production and distribution of opiates, by creating fear and unrest there, and the subsequent immigration and “opioid crisis” here.

So, I ask, which makes more sense; arresting and separating innocent law abiding families trying to protect their children, and save their own lives, or deal with the destabilizing, violent, criminals, making money off of opium?

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