Change Should Aways be For The Good

By | October 1, 2019

Donald Trump promised to get us out of the swamp, but in doing so threw us into a cesspool. He put us on the wrong path. Terms like swamp and cesspool describe our self serving politicians who put their own good above that of the peoples. They are suppose to protect and represent us. What was bad and needed change then, is only worse and more obvious. This must be remedied now. Always remember our president is a business man, and a malignant narcissist, who many hoped could change the system. Time has proven that he cannot. Basic human dignity, upholding the law, and “preserving and protecting the Constitution” is most urgently needed now. Our political representatives must immediately step up to the plate, get us off our current path, and attempt to save us from a developing authoritarian dictatorship. History always gives us an opportunity to learn.

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