Donald Trump the Devil’s Advocate

By | October 9, 2019

We all need to fear our President. Even our Founding Fathers, in all their infinite wisdom, never envisioned our country becoming so overtaken by a psychologically impaired President who would then benefit from a multitude of self serving unforeseen circumstances of historic proportion. And this agent of evil is just the perfect type of person to lead us down the road to authoritarianism. An end result our Founders tried so hard to prevent.
What is so unfathomable are the sheer number of events and variables that had to perfectly align over time for Mr Trump to be where he is now. It is almost of supernatural proportion, as if fate were against us. So cataclysmic in fact as to wonder if this is payback for putting money above God and country.
Too many of us are acting like lambs on the way to the slaughter. Whether ambivalent, uninformed, selfish, or I’m sad to say just plain “dumb”, they play into the hands of a “madman”, who truly does not care about his constituency, including most of those who continue to allow him to run smock over them and the Constitution. And they do not see it. To think that 40% of all Americans still support him is not only shameful but quite frankly disgusting. It reflects all of our failings, including the demise of our family structure, our morality, and our dysfunctional educational system, but this time with potentially disastrous consequence. So very sad. Tragic.
If Donald Trump wins the next election, I worry our country will continue its inexorable descend into decay. All because we lost our moral compass, and were unable to resolve the social issue of those that have and those that don’t.
Think about it. I am a Doctor of Internal Medicine. For forty years I have cared for people of all walks of life. I have been thinking about it a lot, and I’m scared. If our country were a patient, she would be heading for life support, and all our President would be obsessed with would be our code status.

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