Trump’s Experiment and American Exceptionalism

By | October 24, 2019

It has only become more obvious that our malignant narcissistic president must go.
His actions regarding the Kurds can only be interpreted as a fundamental lack of loyalty and respect for others. After engaged in combat together side by side we abandoned them to an uncertain and dangerous fate. Certainly one of the lowest acts a human can commit. Consider how our troops must feel. Add the impeachment events conducted by the president, and the whole episode becomes all the more heinous. Leave the interpretation of the military and international fallout to experts and historians, but would you deal with anyone who treated you in a similar fashion?
The best you can say about the current political situation is we are learning first hand where our weaknesses, and hopefully our strengths lie. The stress the Trump administration has inflicted on our lives and our Constitution must be used to our nation’s advantage, and our effort create “a more perfect union”.
Whether Trump goes via impeachment or by an election he must go. One would think another 4 year term could be of irreparable damage, similar to the worst outcome of medical malpractice.

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