Seeing the Forest from the Trees on Impeachment

By | November 13, 2019

I usually ask my new medical students on their first day in my office whether they are details oriented or big picture thinkers? They are always surprised by the question but after a moment they reply, “well actually both”. I have come to expect that answer, and then say “good”, because practicing Medicine requires you to be comfortable with both the details and from them “see” the big picture. They seem to take all that in stride, and then apply that to learning how to efficiently and most effectively perform history and physical examinations, and learn to diagnose. A skill that requires them to also appreciate that details are often too plentiful, and it is those relevant pertinent ones that are more likely to provide a better understanding and the correct diagnosis.After almost forty years of practice, I have come to recognize that the vast majority of patients are details oriented thinkers, and the role of the Medical provider is to provide them with the big picture. Patients are not only medically untrained, but are understandably lost in a sea of details unable to assimilate them into the big picture.We all live in a time of vast amounts of information, and for details oriented individuals appreciating the most important details can get lost.
There are really only two questions each of us must ask ourselves when it comes to the impeachment process:
1.Are the actions of the president impeachable offenses as defined by the Constitution?
2.Do you care?
And for those of us that do not, I can only say you may not be seeing the big picture.
And, there is another relevant fact about us humans worth mentioning.“A picture is worth a thousand words”.Seeing is believing, much like being told a medical malady might hurt you but not believing it until it finally does. Happens all the time.
Now is the time for all of us to learn the rules of law as set forth in our great Constitution, and see the big picture.
Oh,and ambivalence does not serve us well, and is not an acceptable option!

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