I Missed All This

By | November 16, 2019

When did this happen??

Since when is Russia not our adversary?

Since when did we lose respect for American patriots who kept us safe?

Since when did we believe bin fide liars with significant mental illness over professionals who strive to tell the truth?

Since when did money dictate our actions, and it did not matter?

Since when did truth become negotiable, left on the heap of other commendable discarded human achievements that many of us are unable to understand? Leave the emotion, fear, and paranoia behind. The best decision makers are able to rise above, and demand our respect. For those of us who are responsible for other’s lives, and do not have the luxury of nonsense, we see “fake news” as a danger perpetrated by those unable or unwilling to seek the truth for themselves.

I recognize many have lost faith in our system, and change is needed in many spheres of government and society. But for heavens sake support the great people who represent us selflessly everyday  in difficult times, often to risk to themselves. Actions most of us would shy away from. Why would you do differently?

These are my beliefs as a moderate Democrat from Manhattan NYC.

In my day, we New Yorkers looked at the heartland of American values to be best exemplified by our neighbors in the Midwest and Southern states of our nation.
And, as liberal as we became, secretly we held a respect for those values, beliefs, and those individuals.

In ways all Americans harboring those beliefs were not only right but provided us with a moral compass to follow.

I truly hope those beliefs and others shared by all Americans will ultimately win the day, and allow us to get on a new healthy path even better because of the stress imposed by our current administration.

Much growth and betterment comes to those who recognize and act when opportunity presents.

But it is imperative that we get it right!

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