Time to Enforce the Law

By | November 21, 2019

The evidence is overwhelming now that the President is guilty of impeachable self directed actions.Congress must now show its resolve to the American people by working over the Thanksgiving holiday.And, if necessary, jailing those individuals who refuse to come and provide testimony as required.All of us were disappointed at the end of the Mueller investigation in that it did not go “far enough” and see the process through.It would be devastating for our country to experience the failure of another noble attempt to reestablish law and order. This process however must not be “too academic”. When necessary one must “fight fire with fire”, especially when the stakes are so high.There is no way that Trump should be president for another term.My hunch is Nancy is thinking the same way, and she appears like the fighter needed to show everyone she means to finish the job. Something she must have contemplated at the outset of the impeachment process.If the process fails because of despicable American Senators, then call them out for the cowards they are, and beat them at the polls.

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