By | November 25, 2019

The president’s actions were impeachable under the Constitution.
If the Democrats leave us high and dry again in the face of obvious evidence of the President’s malevolent and dangerous behavior, and he gets re-elected, the only recourse left to the people is to take to the streets for peaceful demonstrations.
Disgusting malpractice by our elected officials, in clear violation of their oath to the Constitution.
Democrat, Republican, or Independent, irrespective of party, when behavior is this bad that individual needs to go.
We are all Americans united by fewer and fewer things, but the Constitution was written to keep us free and whole as a nation.
Not respecting our bed rock laws is nonnegotiable, unacceptable, and terribly dangerous especially when the chief perpetrator is an unscrupulous malignant narcissistic only motivated by personal gain.
America please wake up.We in the medical community including those individuals you know and trust are afraid.
During this Thanksgiving enjoy your families, keep the politics to a minimum, but just ask one question:Doesn’t the Constitution explicitly state that manipulating a foreign country to do what you want for the purpose of your own personal benefit (own election) is an impeachable act? Because it does. And, the Founding Fathers put it there because they were insightful enough to fear situations like this.It’s our patriotic duty. Just like voting in elections that are hopefully above reproach.

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