Of Course the “System” is Rigged For the “Fortunate”

By | December 10, 2019

Truth is it’s still all about money.More than ever.With a greater disparity of wealth distribution now more than ever.Most people know it and live it everyday.So wouldn’t it have been nice for Joe Biden to have been able to look straight into the camera and say that he did not agree with his son’s decision to work for any company that used his coat tails to make exorbitant amounts of money?It’s bad that he did not,because it one-ups all of us who do not have those lucrative connections, and dilutes the good guy image of the former Vice President.If Hunter Biden had decided not to follow his father’s advice that would have been fine, since he is free to make up his own mind, and money. He has too live with the reality that his father and not him got him the opportunity. Most people today probably would not think twice about making all that money, but the fact remains he really did not earn it himself.
But, for a seasoned politician like Honest Joe it only serves to alienate him from the rest of us mortals over the issues of personal wealth and finances. Often a touchy subject.Haven’t we seen and experienced enough vernal behavior from our current Aristocratic/President?
Perhaps this dilemma explains why Joe has not gotten his story straight. He is a good man, but there is an element of malarkey here and he feels it.Joe you are human just like the rest of usAll we Americans want and deserve is the truth. Here’s one rendition. Please give us yours.

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