We are Under Attack and the Enemy is Our President

By | December 11, 2019

The only other time I realized my country was under attack was September 11, 2001 when I saw in real time the second airplane strike the second tower. I was running on my treadmill watching the news on TV when the picture changed and I saw the second plane come into view. My immediate interpretation was negative, that they were sightseeing and wanted a better view. But as I saw the contact I realized my God we are under attack!! Everyone remembers where they were that horrifying day.When I turned on my TV this morning and I watched our president railing yet again during his last speech to his “loyals”, and he went on to refer to FBI agents as “scum”, he appeared so angry and dictatorial that that same realization and sickening feeling overtook me again.Trump currently apparently has 42% of the electorate duped or whatever it turns out to be, but that means 58% are on to him. I am dumbfounded that so many of us are not shocked and sickened by the president, but 58 is bigger than 42, a landslide in American politics, so let’s be happy and accept those numbers as 16 points higher. We are in the majority!I still listen to the experts try to explain the behavior and the actions of this man.But, the answer is simple and needs to be accepted as fact. Our president suffers from malignant narcissism, a fact that is so fundamental and such a big deal that continuing any discussion henceforth must be be taken in the context of this reality. And, if you are still waiting for the medical “experts” to come out en mass publicly to confirm this fact, don’t, because they are silenced and forbidden by the Goldwater Rule. These facts were introduced by some of the first articles Physician Forum brought up 3 months prior to the 2016 Presidential election.Three years later we are embroiled in an impeachment, and after all the analyses and investigations of the president these facts have not become part of the discussion. All our venerable political analysts are aware of the Rule, and it is interesting to watch them dance around the issue when it comes up in discussion. Any wonder we seem to be floundering around, and that as many people still support this man!Until these facts are known and the severity of malignant narcissism is understood and felt in our guts, the most critical part of the puzzle will be missing and preventing a more fuller understanding of our current dilemma.Anybody tired of hearing “this is unprecedented”, “we are in uncharted times” and all the rest of the comments referable to his behavior? All true, but when we factor in the president’s uniquely dangerous emotional status, the picture becomes all the more clearer.He is a mad man, afflicted by a pervasive personality disorder that attracts a segment of society which history has shown is not unique to us.But, we are in the majority and that is fact.

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