The 47/47 Split-Too Much Coincidence. A Higher Force?

By | December 18, 2019

As of today December 18, 2019, that split represents those of us for and against impeachment. Coincidentally, and totally unrelated, 47% was the number uttered by Romney referring to those of us that do not pay federal income taxes.
But that particular coincidence is not the point.
Ever wonder why we have two political parties, and the results of our elections are so close? I do. Numbers tell us a story.So I wondered if the phenomenon of the 47/47 split might be based on our human personalities. And, a quick investigation of the internet disclosed many erudite and respected articles on the subject by those wondering the same thing. Makes sense.
Recall the MIT literature that describes a staggering 638 human personality traits, and that:37% are “good” traits46% are “bad” traits18% are “neutral”traitsJust how these traits are dispersed within the population of Americans might not only help explain our behavioral differences, but also the razor thin margins separating the results.
So I ask social psychologists and political experts to please provide us with their thoughts on the matter.

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