Three Impeachments 230 Yrs.

By | December 19, 2019

Three Impeachments 230 Yrs.

That’s one every 76 years.

I would be 140 when the next one comes, unless things get worse,
It’s too bad, because most of my generation just want peace and quiet.

Because if he wins by cheating in 2020, and gets even more emboldened, there will be no peace for anyone. What a lovely gift to add to all the other “presents” our children have in store for them.

Good news possibly:
ABC reported  70% of Americans want Congressional interviews of Trump’s inner circle officials. Last time we agreed on an issue to that extent was probably gun control.
But, could become an issue for the president.

Also of encouragement, 63% of Americans are watching the proceedings closely. Much more than I expected,. Hopefully, more people will ultimately see this as the sham that it is.

Remember, the president was convicted, and neither he or his pathetic group offered any defense of the charges.

Now we’ll see how this noble effort is handled in the halls of the Senate.

Like them I have taken an oath to do my duty, and wonder how fate treats those who do not. If history is any indication most of Trump’s sycophants are either in or going to jail, or left as burned out carcasses on the side of the road.

Hopefully more will awake to his sham.
In a prior article I suggested jail time for those individuals not appearing for their Congressional subpoena. But that is best left in the competent hands of Nancy.  Best move leaving her in the speakership. Look at all we have learned.

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