Society’s Ten Commandments

By | December 24, 2019

Society’s Ten Commandments
(for the sake of reasonableness, and discovering areas of commonality)
The ultimate Commandments, and their details open for discussion.

-Follow the laws, recognizing you are not perfect, nor are they. Work to change them where necessary.
Violating the law should result in appropriate consequences, equally and justly applied to all without prejudice.
No one is above the law!
There is no place for violence of any type.

-All able bodied individuals need to work, support themselves, and contribute to the good of all. This ensures societal harmony, its advancement, as well as a sense of individual pride.

-Respect all peoples regardless of country of origin, race, creed, color, and religion.

-Always try to see and relate to the good in everyone. Be kind and generous. We are all here by the miracle of the same creation.

-Facts matter. Be skeptical, but not cynical or overly stubborn.
Problem solving requires an objective assessment of all relevant information. There are many truths that make up the overall truth.

-Anger, and other negative emotions are normal human behavior. But be wary that they usually make all dealings more difficult, limit options, cloud decision making, and often create trouble for the individual.

-Trust is earned, respected, and constructive. Once lost very difficult to regain. However it may be reestablished with earnest effort, and the forgiveness of others. It should not be broken again.

-Be truthful to yourself and to others. Your word matters!  It is liberating, empowering, and promotes overall emotional and medical health.

-“Family values” are really about nurturing, and loving without limitations all children, and individuals,
As well as listening and learning from them how to better our parenting skills.

-Vote like your children live here.

All comments, suggestions, and especially your feelings on these matters are most appreciated.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and may there be health, peace, and harmony on Mother Earth.

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