Three Pieces of Medical Advice to Live Healthier in the New Year and Forever

By | January 3, 2020

Three Pieces of Medical Advice to Live Healthier in the New Year and Forever

In all my years in diagnosing and treating patients, these three pieces of advice are some of the most important suggestions to live by in our busy and demanding times:
1. During any and all interactions with medical providers, answer their  questions succinctly, to the point, then stop and wait for the next one.
   2.  Never make your own diagnosis. Any
        change in symptoms, either
        new or worsening must be  
        reported to medical personnel.
   3. Never treat a “common cold” with an
       antibiotic. Not only will it not work, but
       can cause a type of diarrhea most
       difficult to eradicate, called C. dif.

Always remember, Medical providers time is valuable and needs to be used most effectively to meet your needs. Your best answers to the questions posed are more likely to get you to the “promised land”, the correct diagnosis.

Making your own diagnosis may be dangerous, and/or anxiety provoking. Not only are they almost always incorrect, but the “smallest” complaint might be catastrophic, and the “biggest” complaint of no significant consequence. Leave it to the medical provider who is responsible to make the correct diagnosis.

Indiscriminate use of antibiotics as a cure for  the “common cold virus” is always to be avoided, but at times distinguishing viral from bacterial causation can be quite difficult. Resist the desire to “get better faster”, and work out a plan with your health care provider for the “judicious” use of all medications, including antibiotics.

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