Autonomy not Autocracy

By | January 4, 2020

Autonomy is defined by
-self-governance (including democracy)
Individuals are self-directed, able and should act by their own free choice.
-actions motivated by morality, not by desire (Kant)

Autocracies concentrate supreme and absolute power to one individual, or a small group of rich and or powerful individuals, without regard to other’s opinions, wishes, or their involvement or partaking in governance.
Such as:
absolute monarchies,or

Quite different, opposites in fact.
But this is what happens when an autonomy descends down into the abyss of autocracy.

The impeachment proceedings act as a brake to our descent, and a check on a president’s obvious immorality and lawlessness.

Have you finally accepted that Trump is:

-an ingenious manipulator and showman.
(ingenious in that he sees us for who we are, and manipulates all of us by “playing” to those of us who share his views and rhetoric, and or benefit financially.
-Is a malignant narcissist. 
A disorder of his personality which forces him to be egocentric, centralize power and fortune, and act without empathy.

I am concerned that our government’s current bellicose international actions were dictated by Trump’s desires, and not by morality. This is in violation of the definition of autonomy, whereby the edges have blurred and overlap. Other presidents have been guilty of similar behavior, but Trump’s are more pathological, and potentially dangerous by their extreme.

A formidable disease indeed, but still curable.
Precisely why his actions be checked now, and until he is out of office.

I am aware that many of us are aware of all of this, and find it hard to accept that so many are not. But, in their defense, believe me living through something is fundamentally different from  the objectivity that comes after the fact!
“The Monday morning quarterback” phenomenon.

Those of us who have shared the responsibility of providing trusted medical care to patients have had a very special experience unlike any other. And, as a consequence of this we have matured into some of the better objective problem solvers in “real time”.

A basic tenet of Physician Forum.

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