Testing for Corona Virus

By | March 17, 2020

The test to diagnose the current Corona virus outbreak developed by the CDC and subsequently found to be unreliable has resulted in our inability to get out in front of the current outbreak in our country. Being unable to diagnosef those in the US infected with the virus has had significant detrimental effects. However, we have derived important information from the outbreaks in other countries. Data from China, and South Korea have been encouraging and indicate that governmental policy to limit exposure in those countries has had great success in limiting viral spread in those countries. Having this informative will be indispensable in determining if more “draconian” measures need to be made to further isolate our populace.
The next logistical question is how to safeguard those individuals responsible for obtaining the samples so as not to infect healthcare providers. Having less seriously ill patients infected with the virus present to medical facilities which have not been provided protective equipment runs the risk of infecting all the staff. Specific test sites set up by the government, and staffed by competent and protected individuals makes logical sensei. The sooner the better.

On a more personal note, my daughter who lives in Alaska tells me that not only are the schools closed, but the Idideride is cancelled this year!!

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