Glad to see Fauci back on the stage

By | March 25, 2020


The US is on the upswing of new Coronavirus infections.
Clearly there are “hot spots.”
The question is how much the virus has infiltrated our entire country, and how many of us will get it before it is over?

If the President prematurely ends appropriate isolation strategy and the virus spreads to half the US population, it is likely that up to 1 to 2 million Americans will die of the virus. Other critically ill patients  without Coronavirus infection in hospitals for other reasons may also die if the hospital capacity is overwhelmed in those areas.

Are we willing to allow that many Americans to die?

The President may really “love” Easter, but it may prove arbitrary to change public health policy using anything but science to guide it.

Presidents have too make hard decisions, this President has already shown his disdain for facts and science, and now Americans are dying on his watch. How many more will die will be determined by policy he enacts from this time onward.

Very concerning for us who know he is a person who creates his own reality.

Listen to Fauci and the other experts  so as not to suffer the consequences.

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