It is Simple Math Folks

By | April 1, 2020

Pity the people who do not care, can not deal with even simple facts, struggle with math, or live in their own world of reality.
Experts told the President the following information at a time when his actions could have saved lives, saved us two trillion dollars, and possibly more.

The overall effect of the Coronavirus was simple multiplication for us in the US (as for the rest of the world):

Transmissibility x Severity

Transmissibility was the number of people that would be expected to get the  infection.
Expectations were that half the US population would get infected by the virus without our intervention including social distancing, (approximately 170 million people).

Severity- how ill the individual becomes with the infection…including the need for hospital care, possible need for ICU care, and intubation for respiratory failure.
Expectations were that since the virus was not especially lethal, about 1% would be expected to die of the viral infection. And this was the best case scenario.

Simple multiplication of the two values gives us the number of deaths projected (which were provided to the President), if the country did not mobilize under his “wartime” Presidency:
170 million x 1%= 1.70 million deaths

And this was only the number of deaths expected. It did not include the number of very sick people, those who survived ICU admission, those admitted to the hospital not requiring ICU stay, or those millions who suffered severe enough illness and were told to stay home. All of everyone else would be home and unable to return to work for fear of spreading the virus. Initially no one knew if persons without symptoms could spread the virus, which they appear able to do. Ask the experts when the worst of this is over, what they told the President, and when. We must know, and their credibility is on the line.

No, the President did not protect us, nor our economy. He lives in his own reality, thinking he “knows better” than all the scientific experts who have spent much of their lives studying viruses and pandemics. He did call it a “hoax” perpetrated against him by his nay sayers. Folks, the President is a businessman and a malignant narcissist. Not only is he inept by his prior experience as a “deal maker”, but he is also limited by his psychiatric illness. We should feel compassion for anyone with his degree of mental illness, but he must finally be held totally accountable for his decisions and actions that were in his own mind.

The President boasts he could get away with shooting someone in the middle of the street in NYC. Well, because of his actions those streets are mostly devoid of pedestrians now. It is fair to ask if his statement extended to allowing him to get away with the human carnage and suffering that his lack of actions caused…not to mention the money this “conservative” has wasted.

I for one say NO.

Can you imagine how the history books will judge him, and us, during this part of America’s history?
We need to learn from it, because we can be so much better because of it.

Think about it, more is gained during periods of adversity and stress than success. The Trump years might just have been what our country needed to make fundamental change for good at all levels, because most of us know things were far from perfect before he got here.
To begin our betterment as a nation and as individuals he must go!

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