Humans Are Coronavirus’ “Achilles Heel”

By | April 6, 2020

Viruses are very interesting creations of nature. Their structure and function are so simple and incomplete that on their own they are unable to survive or reproduce. They must infect the cells of higher life forms such as humans in order to acquire all the things that they themselves lack. In a sense our cells “complete” them. And, humans are ostensibly the only animals this Coronavirus is able to use in this fashion.

COVID 19 can survive on various “surfaces“ for up to several hours, but this form of potential transmission does not seem to be a major factor in this virus’ ability to infect us. However, cleaning surfaces is advised.

By self-quarantining and social distancing we deny viruses the opportunity to infect our bodies and deny them the “safe haven” they must have for their very existence. Within several weeks the virus ceases to exist in the community because humans infected with the virus will “kill” it, or unfortunately die from it. In either case the virus ceases to exist.

Coronavirus 19 easily spreads  from person to person. It is very “catchy”. Some estimates predict that without our efforts to limit its spread it could infect half or more of us. Factoring in the estimated 1% death rate of this particular virus means that over one million people would die in the US without everyone’s efforts to stop its person to person transmission.

So to protect yourself, your family, and everyone else please follow the recommendations of the experts. The better we do that, the sooner this enemy will be gone.

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