“Are You Better Off Now than You Were Four Years Ago?”

By | May 8, 2020

This famous question was posed by then Republican candidate Ronald Reagan one week before the 1980 Presidential election during his debate with President Jimmy Carter. Historians say it helped him win the election forty years ago.

Well of course the answer this time is quite obvious.
The next question is: “Do you want to go down with the ship?” Do you believe that given everything we know, that staying with the President for another four years is “the way to go”. Or, is it time for a change of administrations?.

Trump continues to act “from his gut”, and disregard advice of our experts. Why?
Because he is a combination of his malignant narcissistic personality, his complete disregard for people, and the ability to use the office of the Presidency for his own  personal financial  gain. All of this even as the country suffers from a true crisis, much of which he failed to help contain.

It’s definitely time to “jump ship”, because we certainly are worse off now. The President has created aand although he has made it “every person for themselves”, ironically everyone has a vote! And, it appears that people are beginning to believe that he is not the leader we need or want for our country.

Get ready to “swim”, and help those who can’t.

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