“Getting Away With It”

By | May 24, 2020

I read several years ago that much of the  “bad” or risky behavior humans do are based on the belief that they will “ get away with it”.
People believe or hope that smoking, obesity, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, etc, despite evidence to the contrary, will not result in dangerous consequences to themselves. But when these serious events occur, most people will accept the fact that they did not “get away with it”. It is normal human behavior.

I have always been intrigued by Personality Disorders, because they represent human behaviors, thoughts, and actions that are considered excessive when compared to the “average”. And, I suggest that everyone read about them, because they exist, inform us about ourselves as human beings, and illustrate a very interesting aspect of psychiatric illness. I think most of us would be surprised and impressed by the psychiatric illnesses, and just how amazing the human mind is!

As a physician, what is also so interesting but also so disappointing at the same time, is that so many of us accept  the excessive behaviors of others. Perhaps because it represents our own beliefs and behaviors it is passed off as “normal”, but they are abnormally excessive and therefore problematic. When people
get away with bad behavior it only serves to prove to them that they can.

We are all capable of trying to get away with things. But it is excessive when we create our own reality and belief system, and disregard and berate conventional wisdom including science and medicine.
Often sooner or later many of us will not “get away with it”, and will need to bear the consequences. However, depending on how entrenched our beliefs, some of us will never be able to accept the consequences for our actions and never be able to accept the truth.

Have a safe and very happy Memorial Day weekend. And, remember the sacrifices our men and women have made for us over all the years so that we could be free. Let us never forget them and always keep them in our hearts and minds. Peace.

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