An Attack on Fauci is an Attack on the Medical Establishment

By | July 15, 2020

Medical people, we know our President is a malignant narcissist,and so far for the most part we have been watching quietly from afar.
But when the leader of our government attacks one of us he attacks us all.
As a group we are not political. And, that needs to change.
Even though we work unselfishly, and too many of us have suffered the consequences of front line exposure, when you attack our professor you have crossed the line. Not acceptable behavior!
Time to stand up in solidarity with one our most venerable members.
Speak out now!!
Fauci is speaking out, and he is suffering the political consequences.
So now we must also speak out.
We know what’s right, and our patients need us to protect them and provide them with proper guidance.

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