Never Assume Anything!

By | July 27, 2020

This week’s New England Journal of Medicine reported a study that again found no value of either medication Hydroxychloroquine, or Azithromycin in the treatment of COVID-19. This adds to prior studies of these two medications which also showed no benefit.

This reaffirms that early preliminary findings of any effect of any treatment must be proven painstakingly by strict medical study.This includes both the treatment’s value and its side effects “profile”. This is still how it is done to this very day even in our highly technical world. And, it underscores that we must exercise patience before using unproven medications as difficult as that may be especially in circumstances where there is great need.

Any vaccine must go through the same rigorous process as any medication. The degree and duration of protection, and the promise  “to do no harm”, are always of utmost and paramount importance before bringing any treatment to into widespread use.

Of interest, ultimately, the vaccine’s efficacy will most likely involve our body’s lymphocytes. These are circulating cells in our blood stream that are part of the immune system. There are two types:

B-Lymphocytes produce our antibodies, and much has been recently been publicized about them.

T-Lymphocytes have many functions in our immune system, but not much has been publicized about them. There is growing evidence to suggest that these cells may be very important in the development of a vaccine for Covid 19. And, active study is ongoing.

The good news is that with so much being learned about our body’s immune system we will get a workable vaccine, and will be more prepared for the next virus that mutates and acquires the ability to infect humans as exemplified by Covid-19

And, always remember we can trust Fauci. He is trustworthy, and we are so fortunate to have him on our side.

Peace and stay safe

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