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By | August 17, 2020

The Covid virus is under control in most of the Northeastern states because of wearing masks and attempting social distancing. The state of Rhode Island just eliminated quarantining requirements of residents from those states.

So this raises questions of those that refuse, or strongly disagree with mandating these protective health care measures;
-Are these people paying their taxes?
Certainly a more burdensome requirement than wearing a mask. I understand people do not want to be told what to do by their government, but presumably most of them agree to that one. Following the practices that have controlled the pandemic in part of the nation may be an “infringement” on their “personal rights”, but it is temporary whereas taxes are not.
-Do these folks care that close to a quarter of a million people living in their country may have died by Election Day,
with the real possibility that a second wave may kill more of us thereafter?
Or, are these people expendable because they are elderly, chronically ill, and/or minorities?

Finally, for all the macho testosterone driven men who make this a “male thing”, just look into the dugouts of our empty baseball stadiums on TV, the players are wearing masks. Are they any less masculine and more valuable than you because they make so much money?

Most of us appreciate that unfortunately much of this will not change any behavior. But it needs to be said, and the Medical community will stand with them should they or their family members need our help.

Drain the cess pool.
Peace and stay safe.

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