Trump’s America

By | August 30, 2020

-Close to 6 Trillion dollars to support an economy from the effects of a virus which he said would vanish miraculously.
-Giving the super wealthy (including himself and his family) a massive tax cut prior to the pandemic, adding to the continuing economic disparity in this country.
-Violence on the streets of America, much of which he fosters, supports, and uses to his own advantage. A sight that might become the normal should he get another four years, and then turn his back on those unable to pay their rent, or their food bill.
-And, all the knuckleheads driving around in their trucks with their Trump flags and
long guns acting like vigilantes. Macho idiots. Not a new group but empowered.
-Trump has been president for almost four years now. And, his changes as president have created Trump’s America. No longer Obama’s America, not yet Biden’s America. His America.
Not a pretty sight, nor a good trajectory.

All of us have a lot to loose should he win re-election, making it time for a rainbow coalition the likes we have never seen before. A just and worthwhile outcome, and the foundation for a new beginning.
We are in a time for the survival of the American dream, the American experiment. Everything appears to be coming to a head, and getting Trump out is as crucial cutting out a malignant cancer from the body. It doesn’t always work, but it kills you if you don’t.

And, finally of course BLM.
All of us are equal in the eyes of the creator; it’s people who fuss over skin color. Shame on us! Silly when you think of it.
Let’s move on past our differences and truly embrace each other for who we are. After all this is The United States of America, still the greatest country in the world, because of our freedom and our diversity.

Peace and be safe.

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