What if Trump Looses and He Won’t Go

By | September 10, 2020

When I listen and read the news regarding our President’s attempt to control our upcoming election it appears as if he has the upper hand.
What would happen if he looses the election with his 40 to 43% of the electorate, but “maneuvers” somehow to remain in office.
Trump has already taken control of our civilian judicial system by installing Barr. And, if a decision regarding the election results goes to The Supreme Court, he has already stacked it with his own nominees.
Peaceful protest has already been met with inappropriate and often violent governmental response, and many of his followers are armed and have already acted aggressively.
The military would undoubtedly follow the decision of the courts.
The only recourse left to reasonable law abiding citizens would be to take to the streets in overwhelming numbers in PEACEFUL protest, with the real risk of personal harm.
This appears to be the situation we find ourselves.
Make no mistake, the President is dangerous because of his emotional instability. But for those who label him as mentally “challenged” that only underestimates him and the danger he represents.
Wish the founders were here to give us their thoughts. But as they are not, make sure you go out and vote, and get others  to do the same; in that way we all have “skin in the game”. Currently, even with the dangers of Covid, there is nothing more important, more meaningful, or more important than spending the time and effort to get out and cast your ballot. Our country needs us now more than ever, and if we get through this we just might be able to form a “more perfect union” for all of us. If we don’t, too many will be left behind to suffer the consequences.

Peace and stay safe.

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