“Bacteremia” Attack on the Capitol

By | January 7, 2021

Bacteremia occurs when deadly infectious bacteria invade the blood stream.
A protected place they should never enter.
If the invasion of our Capitol by Trump supporters is indeed insurrection, then isn’t it finally time to remove the politicians, and all the others responsible for its occurrence?
As a nation we have a lot of soul searching, and need to confront all of the issues that divide us. And, this must occur over time. However, the  criminal acts of our mentally ill president are escalating to a degree that decisive action needs to be taken now. Then we must leave the vitally essential healing process to come from
the new administration, always cognizant of the fact that bacteremia when untreated is a fatal event. We are a land of law and order. Immediate decisive action reaffirms to us, and the world, that we cherish our goals, and “hold them to be self evident”.

Peace and stay safe.

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