“Drain the Cesspool” (Deepest Apologies)

By | January 8, 2021

Sane, Competent, Honest, and Intelligent Leadership is Twelve Days Away.

We Are Almost There!

Let’s Hope They Can “Combat Injustice” by Using All Nonviolent, Peaceful, and Legal  Means at Their Disposal to Rid Inequity, and Heal Our Nation.

This as opposed to the directive given  to the mob that invaded the Capitol to use “combat justice”( by using violent means) to achieve their ends (treason).

Then, it will be up to all of us who love our law biding country, and uphold the Constitution to stay involved with events, and exert our efforts for the common good of our nation and each other.

“Been down so long it all looks like up to me now”.

Remain involved, it is not going to be easy!

Peace and stay safe. 

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