Hiding Behind Assumption

By | January 11, 2021

You Know What They Say About Assuming Anything:
You Make an “Arse” Out of You and Me.

However, Assuming May Be A Better Defense Than The Truth.

Former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, appeared Sunday Morning (1/10/21) On “Meet the Press”. He Provided an Explanation of His Four Years of “Appeasing” the Deranged Behavior of the president. He Said the Poor Public Persona Displayed by the President Did Not Match Up With the Man He Knew Behind the Scenes, and Even Added That The President Utilized Input From Many of Those Around Him.
 It is Probably Safe to Say That Mr. Mulvaney Does Not Have Formal Psychiatric Training. And, That May Explain Why He Continuously Made Assumptions That This Duality of Behavior Was OK, That All The Criticism Directed Toward The President Was Motivated Only By His Adversaries, and That  Mr Mulvaney Was  “Surprise” By The Precipitous Decline in Mr. Trump’s Behavior After He Lost the 2020 Election.
Experts Are Not At All Surprised By The President’s Metamorphosis, Because That Is Exactly The Behavior To Be Expected From A Malignant Narcissist When Forced To Accept Defeat.
Did Mr. Mulvaney Ever Seek  Professional Psychiatrist Input at Any Time Over the Years To Try to Understand The President, Or Did He Continue His Assumptions Unabated?
 Medical Experts in The Field Have Offered Their Concerns Regarding the Psychiatric Make up of The Chief Executive Even Prior to The 2016 Election. Recall That the Goldwater Rule Blocked The Public Release of Their Concerns Even Prior to the Vote.

Assumptions Motivated By An Attitude That The Ends Justify The Means Used To Cover Up The Truth.

And, What Assumptions Did the Senior Security Experts Make That Left “The People’s House” So Dangerously Vulnerable?
Reports Available at the Time Raised Concern For A Substantial Degree of Possible Violence Expected for January 6th. Now That Mass Violent Insurrection Occurred, It Does Seem To Experts That Enough Information Was There To Be More Vigilant. And, Ask Yourself What If The Vice President, Nancy Pelosi, and Other Prominent Legislators Had Been Murdered By the Mob Sent By the President. A Partial “Decapitation” Of Our Government Endorsed by the Chief Executive. Would We React Differently? Thankfully This did Not Occur, But We Can Not Allow Ourselves to be Systematically Desensitized. The Next One May be Worse.

Seventy Four Million Americans Voted For Trump, It Only Takes a Very Small Percentage of Them to Add Up to A Very Large Mob. 

Moving On, Let’s be Smart, and Never Assume Anything. Because if We Do, Very Bad Things Can Happen. But Also, Let’s Always Get to the Truth.
 “Fake News” be Gone.

2020 Saw Its Share Of “Bad”. Let’s Use It to Learn, and Make Ourselves and Our Country Better.

Peace, and Stay Safe.

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