Texas’ Double-Whammy

By | February 20, 2021

As the weather related events unfolded this week in Texas, two thoughts went through my mind.
-Would Texans begin to wonder if their suffering from a weather event like no other in recorded history in their state, as a possible outcome of global weather change?
-Would Texans interpret their communal plight as having been preventable, and how would they feel about their Junior Senator’s attempt to flee to Mexico to enjoy the warmer weather with his family?

The term constituent services means that in an emergent situation an elected official always tries to help their community whenever and in all ways possible. This benevolent part of their job reminds me of the oath doctors take to always help those in need no matter the circumstances.

We all want to keep our families safe and away from harm. But, taking your loved ones out of dangerous and unpleasant circumstances does not mean you abandon your post. A US Senator has the wherewithal to sent his wife and children to Mexico safely without having to go with them. However you stay at your post to provide all the help to others that you possibly can. This is exactly what our First Responders, and Emergency Room personnel are still doing to this very day. And, they are actually risking their lives and the lives of their families.
“Captains go down with their ships”.
And, although we may not expect such heroics from everyone, at least make sure everyone gets off the boat before you do.

What exactly do our great institutions of learning (including the Ivy League) teach our children?  Because too often to me it appears that making money, and climbing the social ladder has supplanted any awareness,of a sense of civility.
In fact, what do our schools teach students about the ability to deal with facts with a healthy a healthy level of skepticism?
We pay taxes to schools to educate our children, and we have seen that the rich and famous are buying their children’s way into “respectable” institutions of “higher learning”. Are any of us getting our money’s worth?

Texans, everybody wake up! 
Demand better from yourselves, your family, and all of our cherished institutions.
We all deserve better in the greatest land in the whole darn world.

Peace and stay safe.

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