Thoughts On “The Leak”, Mother’s Day, And What Is Most Important, And Fundamental.

By | May 9, 2022

Although the leak of the Supreme Court documents is “unprecedented”, it was in no way unexpected. For the last several months, public evidence indicated that the Court was going to eviscerate, or abolish it. So, when people, including The First Lady, said they were totally surprised by it, they probably meant that it was the change of almost 50 years of precedence giving women the right to choose that was hard to accept, or believe.

But, the “leak” is not the issue, but rather the decision, and how it was written.

It seemed angry, even vindictive to women, and expectant mothers, by stripping them of their ability to make decisions regarding their own health, and child rearing. It treated them as if they were guilty of criminal intent. What a paradox. On the day after celebrating Mother’s Day, their message was not to protect those individuals who protect us the most.

That’s the role of loving, and nurturing mothers (and fathers) who do it from the depth of their hearts, and souls. And, that’s why, if we were lucky enough to have one, that we love them from the bottom of our hearts, and souls. Heck, that’s why we celebrate Mother’s Day.

That the Republicans are “focusing” their attention on the “leaker”, is no surprise. Heck a major problem with them has always been their lack of the ability to prioritize issues to effectively problem solve. It is probably a basic reason why we have a two party system in this country, because it reflects that human beings are separated into those who can live in a world of information, and those that can’t.

Let me leave this matter. But, I am curious. Just how many people were privy to the damn document in the first place?

So on the day after celebrating Mother’s Day, let’s first dispense with the myth that our Supreme Court is non-political.

Of course it’s political! For although these erudite human beings are suppose to decide on the merits of the law, and are the final legal interpreters of it, they are no different than us when it comes to possessing human feelings, and emotions.

How else can you explain the fact that given the same legal facts, these Justices’ came up with totally different interpretations than prior Justices from almost 50 years ago?

Simple, they have feelings, and emotions that are diametrically different from those of the prior Justices. And, we are forced to permit them to hide behind their “new” interpretation of the legalese. The question is, what are the Justices’ feelings and emotions toward mothers?

Justices probably always have, and probably always will continue to make their decisions based on their emotions, and feelings, given the structure of the legal system. And, this is understandable given the fact that law is an imperfect creation of imperfect beings, in an imperfect world. Just as all human creations are imperfect, which seems to be a law of nature.

The fact that Alito expressed his decisions with such “poison pen”, is indicative of his disdain of the former Justices’ feelings, and emotions. The leak just placed it out there for all of us to see, even if it were not to be in the final document.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers for providing such “value” to all of our families.

Parenting is the most important, and least appreciated job in the world. It is labor intensive, needs to be done right, and society needs endless amounts of it.

Thank you for all of your sacrifice, loving, caring, and providing us with a home. That’s why we love you so very much from the bottom of our hearts, and souls.

We will always respect, and defend all women to choose when they want to be parents. And, will always help mothers if they ever needs us! And, we do.

And, for all you have done for us in every way, we will always try our very best to return the favor!

No woman should ever be forced, coerced, or threatened to be a mother. That needs to be her own decision. It takes precedence over everything else!!

She’s earned it!!

Remember, the 1/6 hearings begin 6/9, and watching them also provides us with the opportunity to show our thanks to our country, our home.

Peace and stay safe!

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