“Texas Incompetence”

By | May 27, 2022

The Texas Junior Senator should go and view the bodies of the dead children, many rendered unrecognizable by the multiple “head shots” they sustained from an assault weapon. We must have common sense gun laws NOW! These weapons of mass destruction give shooters too much of an advantage. The heavily gun-laden state of Texas is an example of how real life shooting situations play out even in the hands of those trained, and entrusted to bear weapons to protect the public. Arming teachers, religious leaders, and more guns in the hands of the public is a joke. Ted Cruz would realize that if he had to “rush the shooter”. Hopefully, that will never happen to him or his family, so let him look at the carnage these military style weapons cause to human beings. But this would require that he stay in the state he represents long enough this time!

Peace to all, and stay safe as best as you can.

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