“e pluribus unum”(Out of Many, One)

By | May 29, 2022

For those of us who do not know, this is the motto of The United States of America. Great words, profound message, especially now. These words of wisdom uttered so many years ago still ring true today. We still remain united together by our common decency, and beliefs. No matter how complicated, convoluted, and political our country has become, the simple truth is that the vast majority of us are still moved to our very core when we see certain injustices. Senseless violence against us, including our children, has occurred again, and the feelings of disbelief, horror, and healthy anger, are appropriate, and understandable. In fact these feelings unite us, and most likely will finally sustain us to act because they come from our hearts. And, in this great country public opinion is still what matters. We are the people, and in a democracy the majority rules. We must always remember this basic, and fundamental fact, such that all the lives lost matter, and that their loss served to shake us back to our senses of decency, respect, and community. It’s up to us, and in its basic essence is still as true today as it was when our Constitution was created 233 years ago. It’s how the founders intended it to work! So much has changed since then, but not rule by the people. Our times demand our participation in the process in whatever way we are able. Let these horrible events serve to reunite our great people, because “out of many, one”.

Peace and stay safe.

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