Public Testimony Like A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words! Ms. Hutchinson’s Heroic Testimony Will Go Down In History, And Hopefully Motivate Others To Come Forward To Do The Same. Furthermore, It Illustrated What A Desperate, Emotionally Ill Person Did To Get His Way. Trump’s Overall Motivation Again Was To Fill The Capital Grounds For All To See, And Stroke His Fragile Ego. But This Time They Came With Weapons, And He Knew It. No Surprise To Those Who Understand Psychiatric Illness. The Enormous Emotional Stress He Was Under, Including The Loss Of The Election, Made His Actions Desperate, Even Sloppy. His Behavior Deviated From His Usual Well-Crafted Script Which Had Always Served Him Well. However, This Time They Were Too Untethered, And Appear To Have Finally Left Him Legally, And Politically Vulnerable. Time Will Tell. One Major Question That Remains Is How Did He Interact With The Armed Insurrections? Did He Do It Directly, Or Through Intermediaries? Roger Stone??? Let’s See What The 1/6 Committee Has. But, If The Evidence Proves He Had Contact With The Armed Insurrectionists That Should Finally Be Game Over. The Scheduled Last Two Meetings Deal With The Planning Of The Riot. I Have Watched All Six Presentations Live, And Plan To Do The Same Whenever They Resume. Peace And Stay Safe.

By | July 1, 2022

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