We Need To Get Back To The Basics

By | August 21, 2022

Someone most of us, despite our differences, actually like.

Someone who tells us the truth, and answers our questions without the political mumbo jumbo.

Someone who can get us Americans to take a look at ourselves, and demand better of ourselves.

Someone who actually cares about our country, and us from the bottom of their hearts.

Someone who is younger, more vibrant, stronger, looks and acts presidential.

My son says we need a hero, in the old days we said we need an American president.

Joe is doing a splendid job with the lot he was given. Let’s hope his approval rating improves. Keeping Trump out of the White House is an absolute must. Addressing the issues we have been kicking down the road for far too long has gotten us into the divided state we find ourselves, and must be remedied.

A president who motivates us to do our role in making this a better Republic for all of us, and our children.

Too late? Let’s hope not.

But, the time is now.

Peace and stay safe.

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