Liz Cheney’s Heroism, A Learning Opportunity In So Many Ways

By | August 23, 2022

Congresswoman Elizabeth Chaney’s recent behaviors and actions should continue to provide us with the strength, integrity, and motivation we all need at this dangerous time in our country’s history.

She has made it her impressive sole goals to see Trump defeated, and democracy preserved. And, I would remind everyone that she is politically a staunch conservative. She shows us that we need not be strictly divided along political lines, but rather united by what is right and wrong, especially when it comes to the fight for the survival of our Republic as we know it.

Our government is both a gift and an experiment passed down to us from our founders. They knew that nothing in nature, especially government was perfect, or ever could be. They wanted, and hoped that we would protect it, and defend it because by being such a good idea it was also so vulnerable. And they knew that it would need people of sound minds to improve on it over the years for the good of the people. As well they feared that others not acting for the good of others might try to take control of it and destroy it.

And, they left it up to the people to vote and decide.

By adding her voice to those of others with similar message, she helps expose the true dangers to our form of government from the former president, and his supporters.

And, as more details emerge, Trump’s ongoing behavior will continue to provide us with examples of his emotional illness.

Because of him, America continues to get an education in the behavioral sciences/“psychology”, terms which try to explain . why and how people behave and interact with others.

But, he is an example of just one of the emotional problems of human beings. The others are numerous, and some are so common as to have become household words. The two most common being depression and anxiety.

Let’s try to get past the stigmata and open up our minds to the often neglected problems that so many of us are suffering from every day.

A lot of good can come from times of stress. But, history has shown that in times when the course and outcome are not known, and most people are not engaged, outspoken leaders come along to help us how to be better, and show us the way home.

Peace and stay safe.

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