Queen Elizabeth II Defined Devotion To Country. May She Rest In Peace. Imperfect As We All Are, She Gave Her Country Everything She Had, Even Perhaps At Her Own, As Well As Her Family’s Expense. And For That Alone She Is Remarkable. But, The Queen Also Cared About People. We Should Give Her Our Respect, And Appreciate Her “Honor To Country”. Seventy Years Of Continuous Service, On “The Other Side Of The Pond“. Here In The States, We Should Demand That Our Elected Officials Follow Her Admirable Lead, By Following The Law, Doing What Is Best For The Country, Being Honest, And Caring About All Peoples. For Those Of Us That Did Not Understand, Or Agree With The Notion Of The Monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II Embodied, And Represented Absolute “Duty To Country”. A Poignant Reminder To All People. May Her Passing Be A Lesson To, And A Tribute From All Of Us, Of How One Person Can Effect Good For All The Peoples Of Their Own Country, As Well As All Those Of Every Other Nation. A Most Fitting Honor, And Final Salute To A Most Extraordinary Human Being. Peace And Stay Safe.

By | September 9, 2022

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