My Heart Goes Out To All The People Affected By Hurricane Ian.

By | September 29, 2022

The draw to live near large bodies of water, as well as smaller tributaries, and lakes has resulted in many of us having homes in close proximity to them. But, living close to nature in this way carries the risk of nature’s wrath. Unfortunately, over time and especially now with global weather change, many of us have come to realize first hand just how vulnerable we are to the horrific damage to our property, and even to the loss of life, that these events can cause.

So much immediate and long term suffering.

As a person who had his great grandparents immigrate to Miami over 100 years ago, I have had the great fortune of maintaining a home on the east coast of Florida all of my life. As such, I am all too aware of the absolute power, and destruction that monster storms like Ian can cause.

Now living in Connecticut, I will show my support by contributing to a hurricane relief fund, and when I get back to Florida, early in the new year, I will volunteer my time wherever I am needed.

It’s the least I can do.

Peace and stay safe.

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