Go Joy Reid.Debate Herschel Walker If He Comes.

By | November 25, 2022

The Man Can Not Say The Word Election Twice Within A Short Period Of Time Without Changing The L To An R. His Senator Handlers, Graham, And Cruz Did Both Turn Their Heads Slightly In His Direction At His Guffaw. Loved To Have Been Able To Read Their Minds (Pun Intended). Look It’s Easy To Critique Anybody, My Grammar Stinks, And I Could Make The Same Guffaw, But The Man Is Running To Be One Of The One Hundred United States Senators. He Called Out Joy Reid, She’s Accepted, Now It’s Time For The Former Football Player Extraordinaire To Man Up. And, He Can Leave His Sideline Coaches On The Side Line. Giving Herschel The Opportunity To Have A Discussion With Joy Is A Reasonable Thing To Do. Peace And Stay Safe.

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