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Too Many Of Us Are Frustrated By Many Things, And Money Is One Of Them. It Costs A lot To Live Here. In Fact One Of Our True Most Important Unsung Hero’s Are Those That Are Living Peacefully, And Working As Hard As They Must Just To Pay The Bills. Especially Those Who Are Not Trying To Destroy The System, Of Which We Are All Part. Words Of Praise For All The WOMEN, And The MEN Who Exercised Their Constitutional Rights To Preserve Their Right To Choose, And All Those Who Now Know What It Feels Like To Vote For The First Time. Let’s See How It All Settles Out, But A Red Wave Under A Blood Red Moon It Was Not!! Thank Goodness. Washington’s “Providence”, Came Through To Protect Our Susceptible Democracy Again. The Stronger Force For Good Over Evil. Let’s Work Together So As Not To Press Our Luck So Much Again. Peace And Stay Safe.

By | November 9, 2022