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It Will Only Get Worse

By | December 21, 2018

It will only get worse with the departure of General Mattis.  The last vestige of any sanity in the White House will be gone.  The President’s actions are escalating and will continue to do so as the pressures mount on him.  His behavior in the last few weeks has been more dangerous and will be… Read More »

Regarding the President

By | August 26, 2018

It’s good to still have that child within you; it’s not good to be child-like as an adult. Ironically, narcissistic personality disorder, which may onset in childhood, results in behavior as if you are still there.

Michael Cohen II

By | July 3, 2018

Your recent remarks were lofty and positive.  As an “attorney”, who is now represented by a new and very well regarded attorney, it should come as no surprise that your words appear crafted by professionals. If you really believe what you say, then tell us what you know.  Not only will you help save yourself… Read More »

Immigration is a Sign of Systemic Problems

By | June 26, 2018

The recent influx of families from Central America attempting asylum in our country, including young children and babies, is a “sign” not of poverty, but apparently of the carnage inflicted on them by the “Drug Cartels”, the “Drug Lords” of their countries.  Apparently, these “thugs” behave in much the same way as ISIS in Iraq,… Read More »

Relinquish Political Party

By | June 25, 2018

I have decided, at the age of 62, to relinquish my affiliation as a life- long moderate Democrat.  When people ask I will tell them that I am an American, and add if necessary, a former Democrat.  When it comes time to vote, I will get there at my usual 6:00 am, and if asked,… Read More »


By | June 25, 2018

Consider this; Refusing to serve a law abiding person a meal at your eating establishment because you disagree with their political views is wrong.  And taunting those whose ideas are different than your own, is Unamerican.  Neither shows respect, diminishes your own standing, and is no better than the behaviors you condemn. Mr. Trump has… Read More »

Whose Family Values Anyway?

By | June 15, 2018

The Republicans have stressed “strong family values” over the years, but their definition was often vague. Our government’s new policy of separating young children from their families at the borders unquestionably disrupts the most important aspect of parenting. The obvious question is to which families did these values apply?

Historical Facts of Interest

By | June 15, 2018

A dear friend sent me the following: 1956 Republican Platform: Assistance to low income communities Protect Social Security Provide asylum for refugees Extend minimum wage Improve unemployment benefits Strengthen labor laws so workers can join Unions Equal pay regardless of sex Obviously we all know the Republican Party has changed, many even say that the… Read More »