The Unfortunate Case Of A 29 Year Old Woman Who Died Two And A Half Years After Refusing Further Medical Evaluation, And Treatment, For What Turned Out To Be Pancreatic Cancer, Is This Week’s Case Record In The New England Journal Of Medicine. (6/23/22, J.S. DuBois, et Al). The Tragic Loss Of A Very Young Person Is Presented Here, Because Her Life May Have Been Saved If She Herself Recognized That Her Initial Decisions To Protect Herself Against A Most Dangerous Enemy Was The Most Important Decision Of Her Lifetime. If We Use Her Untimely Decision To Honor Her Death, And Recognize That There Are Non-Medical Enemies Out There Right Now That Will Cause Significant Harm To Each And Every American, Then Her Death Will Serve To Educate, And Motivate All Of Us To Do What Is Right To Protect Ourselves From The Clear And Present Dangers That Confront Us Today. On The Day That The Supreme Court Officially Struck Down Roe Versus Wade, With Perhaps More Decisions To Come Limiting Our Basic Rights Of Privacy, And Freedom, As Well As The Additional Televised Revelations By The 1/6 Committee Yesterday, Of The Former President’s Attempts To Remain In Power, It Is Clear That Now Is The Time To Unite In Opposition To What Is A Concerted Effort To Change Our Country In Ways That Will Harm Her, And Many Of Us. In The Weeks Prior To Today, I Had Coincidentally Used The Example Of Pancreatic Cancer To My Friends, And Said If You Were Able To Remove The Cancer, Giving The Person A Chance Of A Cure, You Would Never Turn Around And Put The Pancreatic Cancer Back Into That Same Person. This Is The Analogy Of The Ex-President Being Able To Win The Next Election, And Having It Proven To Have Been A Fair Contest. It Just Can Not Happen, And It Is Imperative That Those Who Feel That Way Bond Together As If Our Own Lives Demand It. There Has Been Enough Information. In Medicine The Diagnosis Has Been Made, And The Treatment Clear. Vote Out All The Disease That Serves To Place Us In Danger, And Serves To Divide Us, And Don’t Ever Put It Back In.

By | June 24, 2022

“Willful Blindness, Or Psychiatric Illness? Legal Meets Medical.

By | June 14, 2022

Folks, Donald Trump’s psychiatric illness does not allow him to accept defeat, or loss, especially of the magnitude of a national election. He just can’t help himself. Whether this is ultimately interpreted as manipulation, or delusional, it certainly is not what we need in a chief executive. Peace and stay safe.

Did Trump Finally Get “Sloppy”?

By | June 8, 2022

With the debut of the 1/6 Committee meeting a bit over 30 hours from now, and with all the tidbits of information released thus far, it is certainly likely that the ex-president’s actions will be exposed as truly criminal. The reason to suspect Trump may have strayed from his usual game plan, is because someone… Read More »

“If It Comes From The Heart❤️, It Can Change Hearts ♥️ ❤️”. Good Luck To The 1/6 Committee! Can Not Imagine How You Will Open The Proceedings. Image Matters Too!! Please Keep It Simple, And Attention Getting From The Onset And Throughout. You Only Get One Chance, “Knock It Out Of The Ballpark”. Make History, Be Real, And Make It From Your Hearts ♥️ ❤️. Thank You In Advance For All Your Hard Work, And Great Success. Love, The American People. Peace, And Always Stay Safe.

By | June 6, 2022

“e pluribus unum”(Out of Many, One)

By | May 29, 2022

For those of us who do not know, this is the motto of The United States of America. Great words, profound message, especially now. These words of wisdom uttered so many years ago still ring true today. We still remain united together by our common decency, and beliefs. No matter how complicated, convoluted, and political… Read More »

“Texas Incompetence”

By | May 27, 2022

The Texas Junior Senator should go and view the bodies of the dead children, many rendered unrecognizable by the multiple “head shots” they sustained from an assault weapon. We must have common sense gun laws NOW! These weapons of mass destruction give shooters too much of an advantage. The heavily gun-laden state of Texas is… Read More »