Red Flag Laws

By | May 25, 2022

Individual state Red Flag Laws make sense if used correctly. They were originally created to allow authorities to remove guns from youngsters feared to be a threat to themselves or others. The law gives appropriate medical professionals, family, and law enforcement authorities, the ability to seek a legal document signed by a judge to hold… Read More »

Glad To See Doctor Anthony Fauci Announce He Would Not Be Part Of Another Trump Administration(Heaven Forbid There Should Ever Be One). Although His Departure Would Be A Significant Loss For Everyone, It Represents The First In What Will Hopefully Be An Onslaught Of Other Medical Professionals Finally Standing Up, And Speaking Out Against The Former President. Coincidentally, His Announcement Comes A Day After I Appealed To The Psychiatric Community To Finally Address The “Trump Disease” Which Has Spread To Too Many Of Us! Eric Liben, M.D.

By | May 17, 2022

Malcolm Nance

By | April 18, 2022

Thank you! I always liked watching Malcolm on MSNBC, and felt he was a “straight shooter”. Today, I saw Malcolm on TV in full battle fatigue, and realized he decided to go fight with the Ukrainians to protect the innocents. Wow, that’s heroic, and I am proud of him! Enough talk, diagnosis made, fix the… Read More »

Call Them Out On It. Sex, Really? Maybe It Is Their Problem.

By | April 10, 2022

American politics looks so ludicrous because of our prejudice, and inability to prioritize. With all the problems at home and abroad demanding our attention, what issue does the right put front and center because it gets the vote out. SEX of course. Who to ridicule, limit, and accuse of pedophilia. One has to wonder, do… Read More »