Care and Caring

 Using the fundamentals to find the truth, act appropriately with integrity, and always attempting to achieve quality and harmony with humility.

All of us who respect, and strive to live by these words, need to share their views as they relate to our world with input from America’s Health Care Providers and the community.  Our position has evolved because of the political landscape which now extends past the profession of medicine.  Together we can make our voices heard, with the goal for constructive change.

Physician Forum believes it is time to discuss pertinent issues that confront us.  We also believe that healthcare providers can initiate and help nurture us with these discussions.  We believe this is within the context of the oath we take, and the tremendous responsibilities bestowed upon us.  We all know, and must accept, that no one and nothing is perfect.  This is a law of nature.  Finding the solutions within the confines of imperfection, and always looking for the common good of the individual and our society is the path we must navigate.