To Whom Much is Given Much is Expected

By | April 11, 2020

I always felt this saying applied to the medical profession. Even with all the appropriate criticism directed at us over the years most people still respected us for our years of study and hard work.
And, they expected us to act selflessly for the best of all our patients, and always in a professional manner.

It is truly remarkable that our medical professionals, when called upon, did voluntarily put their lives on the line.
Did people expect us to do that?
Surely they are appropriately grateful.
But why did they allow their own safety as well as their family’s to be placed at considerable risk?
It seems that it was their fundamental commitment and conviction for saving lives and providing for the common good. And, that truly puts them in a unique group of people. They are professionals and share a common bond with our police, fire fighters. And, like others who also take an oath, they have lived up to their promise at a time when others might not.

Some thoughts:

-A premise of Physician Forum is that
Medical providers are excellent problem solvers committed to the best for both the individual and society.
-Please demand that your safety be better safeguarded in the future. We are here to serve. But we and our families should never be left unprotected from the diseases that afflict our patients.
-Be proud. You took care of your patients admirably. When this is under better control consider directing your attention and efforts to those social issues that need your input.

It is our calling to help wherever and whenever needed.
Your actions have reaffirmed that oath.

Many of you cried, and made us do the same.

Happy holidays to everybody.

One thought on “To Whom Much is Given Much is Expected

  1. Mark Trojanowski

    Dr Liben, I am appreciative of the care and service you have provided me over most of my life. Now I am becoming appreciative of your insights that go beyond the clinical care. I would like to hear your thoughts on how we can make a difference in society including politically to bring about positive change.

    Kind regards.


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