Moral Compass

Physician Forum shares the belief that America is the “world’s moral compass”

We also believe that America’s Healthcare providers share responsibility for the “good” of our society, because of the unique responsibility we share in the provision of that care.

By living up to that code not only do we help ensure our medical “moral compass”, but also our nations and, by extension the “world’s moral compass”, as well.

Physician Forum wants to be a meeting place, a common ground, where providers of medicine, and the general public can openly discuss Healthcare issues.

By using the facts, openly, and, in an unbiased fashion, we believe that a better understanding, and, appreciation of the issues, as well as the options for their solution will emerge.

The following issue, the “Goldwater” rule, became the first topic for examination because of its immediate relevance.

Subsequently, Physician Forum will begin by addressing two issues:

Fiscal issues relevant to the high cost of Health-care delivery.

A “wish list” generated by Health-care , and, non Health-care providers dealing with issues they would like to be addressed.

We look forward to getting started.