The Energy Of Providence.

By | April 12, 2023

Apparently throughout human history there has always been a substantial subset of humanity that has been willing and able to follow an evil, and authoritarian leader.

And, as sad, and unfortunate as that is, it might just exist to provide the nature’s balance to the good, and beneficial side of humanity, which also follows a leader.

Thankfully at the present time in our country, followers of good significantly outnumber those following bad, and evil.

George Washington would probably consider this numerical advantage, providence, which he understood as nature’s force for good to prevail.

The smaller, evil, authoritarian group of people continues to make up their own facts, speak publicly with angry energy, and often threatens to use violence to intimidate the significantly larger group of good.

But, good is good, and bad is bad.

And, good has the numerical advantage, and providence on its side. Whilst evil certainly has had their spate of good luck, luck eventually runs out, providence does not, but it occurrences with uncertainty.

Right now bad is in a quandary, and by their own actions have overall weakened their position. Providence is gaining positive energy from evil’s behavior, and in this regard good’s position it best served by letting them continue to keep doing what they are doing.

Good however, must remain united and strong in their peaceful opposition of bad by continuing to speak out on the issues which are inherently good for the people. Paradoxically these are the issues which the majority of people want anyway, but their enactment is being thwarted by bad.

By doing this, and allowing the other side to weaken itself, the result is that more positive energy is created for good, and for providence, making it more likely that nature’s force for good will be there for us when we need it most.

Now is not the time for complacency. Evil wants the passage of time to make us forget. “Never forget”. And, it seems by their continuing actions, that the other side will not let us.

Vote, and vote your heart. Put those dates in the cross hairs of your very being.

Peace and stay safe.

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