Corona virus 19 Deaths by Age and Reasonable Response

By | June 22, 2020

With the milestone of one hundred and twenty thousand deaths due to the pandemic, the rate of death by age distribution is worth reviewing:

80% of those who die are age 65 and older, 17% are between the ages of 45 to 65.

Age and % death of those who die:
45-55yo 5%
55-65yo 12%

65-74yo 21%
75-84yo 27%
85yo plus 32%

Prior data showed 9.5% of those who die had no recognizable risk factors.

Masks protect those around you better than they protect you. So it shows your respect for the health of other people by wearing them, and they show their respect for you by doing the same.

Six feet of separation and wearing masks are indispensable in preventing spread of the virus, and for now are the “new normal”.

Balancing the return to work and our nation’s economic health must be done intelligently, which begins by recommending that the elderly and chronically ill remain at home and away from possible infection by the virus. In this way we protect the most vulnerable of our society. It is then up to them to self-isolate, or at least socially distance, and wear an N95 mask. It is important to note, many if not most of my at-risk patients took it upon themselves to do this on their own, as they have done for years because of the known threat of seasonal influenza.

There is safety in knowledge!

Peace and stay safe.

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  1. Mark Trojanowski

    Thoughts on masks that are not N95? Something is better than nothing?


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